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Berlin 10.11.
Dimitar Karaivanov
In times of remote work and home office digital tools for supporting agility have become more important. Kanbanize is a web based software dedicated to support working with Kanban and established for many years. In opposite to generic agile tools Kanbanize was developed dedicatedly for working with Kanban and thus supports Kanban way better than many other softwares. In this session Kanbanize’s CEO Dimitar shows you how you can make use of Kanbanize to have a perfect Kanban workflow w/o the need for a physical board. Disclaimer: Kanbanize has been a constant supporter of the Kanban community for many years. While the Kanban Community Days are a non commercial event we like to give something back to Kanbanize and offer them this demo slot - the more as in the current pandemic the need for remote work and tool support for that makes it very relevant for Kanban users to know what tools are out there to support them with working with Kanban.